Meet The Board

The Franklin Lacrosse Club (FLC) is a 100% volunteer driven organization. Volunteers are always needed in a multitude of roles that will beneficially support the association. The following job descriptions will help to explain some of the work that the FLC Board of Directors undertakes each year.

The Franklin Lacrosse Club holds board meetings at various times during the year. Active members in good standing of FLC are welcome to attend board meetings.

To contact the whole board, send an email to


Jennifer Adams

Board President

As president of the Franklin Lacrosse Board, Jenny conducts the day-to-day management of the program and sees that all orders and resolutions agreed to by the board are implemented. She also communicates short-term and long-term goals and serves as the main contact for coaches and parents.


Jeff Lawrence

Vice President

In the absence of the president, the vice president performs other duties as may be assigned by the board. Jeff is responsible for all player selections, determine eligibility status. As a player agent, Jeff oversees the conflict resolution team as other duties as assigned by the President

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Program Administrator

Program Administrator, serves as the initial point of contact for all FLC inquiries. The role creates and maintains the season registration and administrative calendars. They are also the liaison with MAYLA.



Communications Director

As Communications Director, Brent is responsible for the FLC Board meeting minutes. He also develops and maintains the FLC website and social media accounts and is responsible for all printed materials for club communications.





As Treasurer, Faith is responsible for all of FLC's funds and the proper documentation for all monies. Faith also pays bill for the club. In coordination with the President and entire board Faith prepares a budget for all expenses and fundraising events.

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Forrest Anderson

Fundraising/Uniform Director

As Fundraising and Uniform Director, Forrest develops and coordinates the season fundraising. He also oversees club uniform purchasing, distribution and turn-in. Finally he is responsible for spirit wear, clinic apparel and promotional items for FLC.

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At Large Member

This member helps the board of directors as needed with various events and program logistics.